Flonita is a legal entity company formed by a group of academic expert individuals to engage in and fulfill, according to full scientific research and instructions which represent the documented results of the product offered, the heightened worldwide demands for premium saffron. The Flonita company located in the technology park of the Gonabad University of Medical Sciences, was commissioned on September 27, 2017 to build the complex with private credit. Finally, on June 17, 2018, with the completion of the company building, the Flonita company project was ready for operation. The Flonita company was completely supported by Dr. Biglari an environmental health’s member of the Gonabad University of Medical Sciences, and operates in the full private sector from October 2022 until now. We are an important contributor to the health of the economy. We employ related expert individuals and attract income to spur an organic product's growth. We consider it as our vocation, not only as a job, so we cherish all interactions.

   Here, you can buy first-grade Persian saffron through the Flonita online saffron shop. Besides that, your order will be sent directly from europa to your address directly. Saffron’s price for several packages is described in flonita market section. Also, we offer free shipping for some packages. You can compare our saffron prices with traditional shops or other online saffron shops.

   We do guarantee to offer the highest quality at the lowest price. Because we access the mainland of Saffron. As we described, the most important and useful part of the Crocus sativus flower, known as saffron, is Stigma (red part). Therefore, we mainly focused on this part and just offer one type of saffron. All red first-grade Persian saffron (Negin type). To pass order steps easily, please follow the instructions on the order help. We are proud to present a rare, valuable and traditional product in an ancient and old country as a king of spices in the world.


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Ef­fects on man­age­ment of crop residues and cov­er crop plant…

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Mahsima Khamooshi is a writer and editor living in Tehran, Iran. she has written for publications including Reader’s Digest, Modern Farmer, Clean Plates and Vice, among others, and she is working on Flonita Saffron company. She is always on the hunt for the perfect flavored and delicius Organic dishes Oil-free

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